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Halliday Lighting have operated in the lighting industry for over 60 years and we take pride in being able to support you at every stage of your project. Through Support Hub, we share our knowledge, experience and resources to provide you with a one-stop library of information covering the requirements, products and processes involved in your exterior lighting project.


Australian Sports Lighting Standards

Baseball and Softball Lighting Requirements

Soccer lighting standards

Project manager Scott Ellis appointed to Australian Standards Committee

Halliday Lighting to exhibit at National Sports Convention, Australia

2022 sees Halliday Lighting celebrate 60 years in business


Lighting – Siteco FL11 for Sports

Brochure for FL11 use in sports applications.

Lighting – Siteco FL11 (industry use)

Brochure for FL11 use in non-sports sectors.

Poles – Halo Hinge

Mid-hinge solution for lighting and camera poles.

Lighting – Siteco Module 540

Overview of Siteco Module 540 urban lighting.