Funding and Grants
For sports lighting


Let us help you with your application

Is your sports club looking to upgrade their lighting? Would your sports facility benefit from a new or improved LED lighting system?

Government funding and grants could be the solution to bring your project to life.

Our team at Halliday Lighting has worked with a large and growing number of clubs, schools, sports organisations and other associations to provide lighting designs, cost proposals and additional guidance to support with funding and grant applications.

Funding and grants to improve and develop sporting infrastructure often accept applications for sports lighting. To submit an application, you’ll need a lighting design which meets required standards and facility needs and you’ll need to understand the costs involved in getting new or upgraded floodlights. Bespoke advice and support is also important to help guide you through the process from applying for a grant through to installation.

Where can we find funding or grants?

Grants tend to be available through federal and local government as part of their sports infrastructure plans.

Take a look at these links for more information:

Who can apply for funding and grants?

Every funding stream and grant is different so we advise you to read their terms to see if its applicable to your situation.

However, for sports grants, these types of organisations are usually eligible to apply:

  • Not-for-profit sporting organisations (sports clubs and associations)
  • Councils and local government authorities
  • Schools
  • Community groups
  • Professional sports clubs
  • Private enterprises

Open Grants

(These are the live grant programmes that we are currently aware of. This list is not exhaustive and we recommend that you also check out the links in the section above.)

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