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Project manager Scott Ellis appointed to Australian Standards Committee

Project manager Scott Ellis has been accepted onto the Standards Australia committee responsible for the preparation and development of standard AS 2560: Sports Lighting.

National standards set out specifications, procedures and guidelines to help ensure products, services, and systems are safe, consistent, and reliable. AS 2560, in particular, covers general principles for lighting areas where sport is played as well as detailed guidance for specific sports. The sports lighting committee is made up of representatives from sports governing bodies, sport and leisure associations and other relevant industry professionals.

In recent months, Scott has attended a number of committee meetings focused on identifying sports not covered by a national standard and looking at revisions needed for existing standards.

Following this, Scott has joined a 4-person working group who will look to draw up lighting standards for various cycling and skating disciplines and facilities which aren’t currently addressed in the existing standards – such as velodromes, criterium, pump tracks, BMX tracks, skate parks, and more.

Included in the group are a representative from national governing body AusCycling, a sports broadcast lighting consultant and a lighting manufacturer.

On his involvement with the working group, Scott says:

“This is a good opportunity to put my hand up, meet other like-minded industry professionals, and help to shape the future of sports lighting in Australia.”

Scott’s acceptance and participation on this committee reinforces the value and depth of his knowledge and understanding of sports lighting. This is something we pride ourselves on at Halliday Lighting and we have a highly experienced team of colleagues who can support your lighting project at every stage.

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