Moranbah Bulldogs AFC


Queensland, Australia

Watch the video below to see how floodlights have transformed the field at Moranbah Bulldogs AFC.

As the principal contractor, Halliday Lighting supplied and installed 20 LED floodlights on 4 30-metre static steel masts to bring light to the football field at Moranbah Bulldogs AFC.

The floodlight fittings are manufactured from 100% recyclable diecast aluminium and contain high-performance LED modules which provide more energy efficient results compared with traditional metal halide floodlights. The fittings also have the LED driver located in the base of the pole for simple and easily accessible maintenance throughout the system lifetime.

Our highly experienced, in-house lighting designer considered the optimum pole location to achieve the all-round best results for the field. This included: the specified average lux level, uniformity, site obstructions/future development plans, and obtrusive light.

Using floodlight optics specifically designed for sports applications we were able to minimise the number of light fittings needed whilst ensuring that the field is optimally lit to the required standards and for the needs of the club.

Through clever design and considerate product selection, initial project costs could be brought down allowing the club to invest some of their planned budget into other areas. This also reduces the long-term operational costs from a maintenance perspective and lowers energy usage.

Installation work at this remote mining town included all cable trenching, conduit and cables, distribution boards, assembly of pole footings and erection of poles and floodlights. Final commissioning of the system was carried out to ensure the final lux results were in line with the approved initial lighting design and the relevant sports lighting standards.

About the new floodlights, Club President, Stephen “Thommo” Thompson says: “We wanted to be able to train on any night of the week and to offer night fixtures. The lights allow us to do this and are a huge talking point around the community.”

For more information about AFL floodlighting, click here.

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