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Standards for hockey lighting

When it comes to floodlights for your hockey pitch, the standards for the required lighting levels and lighting uniformity are dependent on the level of competition that will take place on the pitch.

Key Australian standards which apply to sports lighting include:

  • AS 2560.1:2018 – Sports Lighting Part 1: General Principles
  • AS 2560.2:2021 – Sports Lighting Part 2: Specific Applications
  • AS 4282:2019 – Control of the obtrusive effects of outdoor lighting

The following table provides an overview of the floodlighting requirements for hockey.

Hockey – AS 2560.2.7


Average horizontal maintained illuminance

Minimum horizontal uniformity

Maximum uniformity gradient

Maximum glare rating

Eh lux



UG (per 5m)


Ball and physical training






Junior and minor grade comp






Major grade club, national and international comp






(The table above provides only some of the key values set out in the standards. For more detailed information, additional guidance is available below in the Useful Links section.)

New Hockey Pitch Lighting Installation?
Further standards and guidelines are to be considered when getting a new lighting system installed for your hockey pitch and the designer should refer to AS 2560.2 figure 2.7.3 which advises possible pole locations depending on your pole requirement. The height of the poles will depend on the size of the pitch and clause 1.6 in AS 2560.2 should be used to ensure glare to players and spectators will be reduced by adopting mounting heights above the minimum values recommended.

image of hockey lighting layout examples

What do these terms mean?
Illuminance – the term used to describe the level of light on a surface in lumens/m2 or lux
Maintained illuminance – is the term used to describe the average illuminance on a reference surface at the time maintenance must be carried out.
Eh lux – Average maintained illuminance.
U1Min/Avg – The lowest recorded lux value on the playing surface divided by the average.
U2Min/Max – The lowest recorded lux value on the playing surface divided by the highest value.

Our team of lighting design experts are available to answer any queries you may have about floodlights and to support you through the planning and design stages of your project. If you would like to discuss the floodlight requirements for your hockey pitch with one of our experienced team members, please contact us by clicking here.

Useful Links:
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The information provided on this page has been collated from various sources, including those provided above in Useful Links. This information may be subject to change at any time by sports governing bodies and standards agencies.