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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Floodlight

“How much does it cost to install a floodlight for a football pitch?” “How much will it cost to upgrade the floodlights on our hockey pitch?” “Could you send me a rough quote for our rugby pitch lights?”


We get asked questions like these a lot but it really isn’t as simple as just throwing out a ballpark figure.

Several factors need to be considered when installing new floodlights or upgrading existing ones to LED. At Halliday Lighting, we give every project a bespoke quote based on these factors and we also take into account the overall requirements of the site, its users, and the sports application.


What cost to install floodlight factors are considered when Halliday Lighting quotes for the installation of floodlights?

Product selection

  • As with any product, the price of an item can vary depending on who manufactured it and who you buy it from. Floodlights are no different but please do consider that a cheap light, may not be well-manufactured so won’t last as many years as is needed, and may not meet the quality and performance standards that your pitch lighting needs to achieve. Our floodlights are produced by world-leading, well-known electrical manufacturers so you can be assured of high quality, reliability, durability, and performance.
  • There are not only different types of floodlights but also different types of lighting mast and the cost of these vary so it is important that the relevant type is included in the lighting design for your project so it can be quoted for accordingly.
  • For floodlight upgrades, the quote will also take into account whether the lighting masts need to be replaced (and therefore new ones need to be priced within the quote) or whether the existing ones can be used. This can be determined during a site survey.
  • All of our quotes include a warranty as standard (this is 10 years for LED floodlights) but other companies may include this as a separate cost.


  • Council planning requirements usually stipulate maximum spill and permitted glare which may determine the type of light fitting that needs to be installed as well as whether cowls/louvres are needed and also the locations of the masts. These may lead to cost revisions which can therefore affect a quote.
  • Ground conditions at the site may influence the design and add cost to the installation as, for example, poor ground means that larger concrete foundations may have to be installed to support the floodlights.


Cost to install floodlight

  • Based on a site survey, any required groundworks to install a floodlighting system will be included in the quote.
  • A quote will also include all required infrastructure and materials that will be needed for the installation based on the site survey, design and product selection.
  • Labour cost to install floodlight will be included in a quote.
  • Commissioning of the system, including electrical test certificates and light level test results, will be included in a quote.
  • If the electrical supply is not adequate and additional capacity is needed to power the lighting system then this will need to be factored in to the installation cost.
  • Plant hire or access equipment may be required at an additional cost depending on the layout of your site and the requirements to install your chosen products.

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Added extras – at Halliday Lighting, we can supply and install a range of additional products to support your sports lighting projects. These can be added as confirmed or optional extras to your quote.


  • A lighting control system allows you to control the lighting levels for your floodlights and also to set a timing programme for the lights to switch on and off on a schedule. The system can be controlled by a switching panel or by a smartphone app.
  • Additional lighting for areas around your pitch (eg. car parks, walkways, training areas, etc).
  • We also exclusively install a unique field management system, Intelligent Play, which tracks all activity on your pitch to give you in-depth insights and data about the usage of the pitch and the machine maintenance that gets carried out.
  • Power outlets can be fitted to columns to provide additional power supply for other equipment.
  • If your lighting system uses raise and lower columns, we are also able to supply the counterbalance unit that is needed to safely control these masts.
  • Floodlights need maintenance to ensure they continue to function correctly over their lifespan. A maintenance agreement can be offered to support this and we have a dedicated maintenance team who will work with you over the duration of the agreement.